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Advantages of Video Lectures on Pen Drive or on Cloud

In Education, Technology is Gaining importance day by day. It helps Students to get the Quality Education all across the World and fulfill the dream of tutor by spreading his knowledge to millions of students. With Aim to give a strong foundation & conceptual knowledge of various Costing and Quantitative Techniques subjects to CA Students, Rakesh Sir has launched his video lectures in pendrive/Cloud. Here are few benefits of using Online Video Lectures:


  1.     You get a freedom to decide your own timetable to view the lectures.  Actually, you are carrying it on your laptop and whenever you get free time, you can view it.
  2.     You will never miss the lectures due to office commitments, ill health or social commitments etc.
  3.     There is no fear of missing the lecture and due to which missing the link of next lectures.
  4.     You get 80% extra views for every lecture, to revise the syllabus or to understand a particular concept again.

      5.    You save traveling time and cost as well.

  1.     Technical help and Faculty help is available through email or SMS or whats app etc.
  2.     There is no time clashing of batches of various subjects.
  3.     If you have free time on Saturday, Sunday or any other day – then you can view more lectures on that day and cover the portion faster.
  4.     After viewing all the lectures, you can format the pen drive and use it for storing the data.  The pen drives contain huge storage capacity and you can compare it with the market price.  It is as good as recovery of the partial amount.
  5.  You can eat, relax, attend phone calls by pressing the pause button, skip the topic in which you are not interested and so on as per your convenience.
  6.  The video lectures are of HDD quality and voice quality is also perfect.  If you use headphone, then the voice quality is best without any distraction.
  7.  The only thing needed to get 100% benefit is SELF DISCIPLINE.