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CA Inter CMA - Key Renewal (New Syllabus)

₹400.00 incl tax
Eligibility : For Existing Students only.
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Dear Student Friends,

Sometimes it happens that either your view time or the validity of a product expires and you still want to watch the video lectures. In such case, instead of buying the same product again, you can just renew it at lower fees.

You need to enter your existing Product Key at the time of purchase and our technical team will do the rest. No separate printed notes will be issued in such case. You have to just re-activate the same key again in our Windows / Android App and start playing the video lectures again.

Sr.No   Particulars Remarks
1 Applicable For Existing Students who have already purchased CA Inter CMA lectures of 2023 Syllabus.
2 When to renew the Key

After the expiry of views or after the expiry of validity period, whichever is earlier.

3 What happens to the existing unused views and validity period?

Whatever views and validity period is left (i.e. unused) at the time of key renewal will expire automatically.

The views and validity chosen by you at the time of key renewal will be applicable henceforth.
4 How many times a key can be renewed? Any number of times, as per your wish.
5 Fees for Key Renewal Between Rs. 400 to Rs. 9,000 (including GST)
6 Views & Validity Options (a) 1 View with 3 Days Validity (b) 1 View with 7 Days Validity (c) 1 View with 15 Days Validity (d) 1 View with 1 Month Validity (e) 1 View with 2 Months Validity (f) 1 View with 3 Months Validity and (g) 1 View with 1 Year Validity.
7 Time taken for renewal

1 working day

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